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苹果问题手机可更换电池 但要求相当苛刻!_ca88直接登录游戏

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ca88直接登录游戏-In response to the many consumers who have complained of automatic phone shut-offs, Apple has offered to replace the batteries of faulty phones free of charge.针对许多用户滋扰iPhone自动关机一事,苹果公司早已于日前明确提出了为故障手机免费替换电池的措施。However, this compensation has left some consumers unhappy, triggering a new batch of complaints.但是,这一补偿措施却使得一些消费者深感反感,引起了新一轮的滋扰。


Apple confirmed the automatic shut-off issue on iPhone 6S units, but the company denies that it is a security issue.苹果之前否认iPhone 6S自动关机一事确实再次发生,但是该公司坚称这是一个安全性问题。Nevertheless, the problem has drawn the attention of the China Consumers Association and the Shanghai Consumers Council. The two bodies announced on Nov. 17 that Apple promised to replace batteries in broken devices.尽管如此,这个问题早已引发了中国消费者协会和上海消费者委员会的留意。这两家机构在11月17日宣告,苹果公司允诺为故障手机替换电池。Later, Apple admitted that the problem was only present in iPhone 6S devices that were produced during September and October 2015. Users of these devices are entitled to free battery replacements.随后,苹果公司否认,自动关机的问题只经常出现在2015年9月到10月份生产的iPhone 6S手机上。


用于这些手机的用户有权免费替换电池。However, users of other iPhones are not eligible for the complimentary service.但其他iPhone用户却无权取得这一免费服务。Many iPhone users have expressed their dissatisfaction with Apples response - both failing to disclose the cause of the problem and also neglecting to extend Applecare insurance on affected phones.许多iPhone用户都传达了对苹果公司这一恢复的反感--苹果方面既没透露问题的原因,也忽视了要缩短不受影响手机的AppleCare保险期。

Moreover, many iPhone users whose phones were produced outside the designated window now worry about the fate of their devices.此外,许多不是在那一窗口期内生产的iPhone手机的用户们,正在担忧自己手机的命运。。


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