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ca88登录_A new feature on Google Maps Street View, which rolled out world-wide Wednesday, lets users zip through imagery dating back to Street Views beginning in 2007. The update also lets you view Street View in different seasons and during the night. 谷歌(Google Inc., GOOG)街景地图周三在全球范围内追加了众多特色,用户可以网页追溯到至街景功能2007年发售时的影像。此次更新版还可以让用户网页到有所不同季节以及夜间的街景。

For the longest time weve had Street View users asking that we either preserve the imagery we had or that we give them the ability to go back in time and look at imagery the way it was before, said Luc Vincent, the Google Maps Street View director of engineering. Users want to see how their old neighborhood looked years ago, the building of iconic landmarks, or cities before and after natural disasters, he said. 谷歌街景地图工程部门负责人文森特(Lucca88登录 Vincent)回应,长久以来,街景用户仍然在问它们,究竟是留存这些影像,还是给用户返回从前、网页过去图像的能力。他说道,用户期望看见他们的老街区几年前是什么样子,想到标志性建筑或者是城市在自然灾害之前和之后的样子。

We like to think we were building a 3-D image of the world, and now the mirror is actually 4-D, Mr. Vincent said. 文森特说道,公司期望它们仍然在修建全世界的3D图像,而现在实质上是4D了。If you see an hourglass in the upper left corner of a Street View panorama, that means there is past imagery you can peruse. Just click the hourglass and a thumbnail of past images will appear. A timeline in the thumbnail allows you to move through history. 如果你看见谷歌街景网页左上角有一个沙漏,就意味著你可以查阅过去适当的街景图片。只要点一下这个沙漏,就不会经常出现过去图像的缩略图。


根据缩略图的时间轴,你就可以回顾历史了。When you see the period you want to explore, click it and the whole Street View will change. At that point, you can wander around in the past as you would in the current version. 当你看见你想总结的时期,只要点一下,整个街景页面就不会转变。那时候,你就可以像在当前版本一样在过去遨游。Before the update, about 6 million miles worth of Street View imagery was available. With the time-machine feature, you can find about 12 million miles worth of sidewalk-level, interactive photos to explore. 在此次更新版公布前,谷歌街景收集的总计里程超过了600万英里(大约966万公里)。

在发售“时光机”功能后,用户可以查阅约1,200万英里(大约1,932万公里)的高架桥交互式图像。The time machine will be available in almost every location where Street View is in operation. 这项“时光机”功能在谷歌街景记录的完全所有地点都可以构建。For major metro areas, there will be 20 or more so-called time slices to check out, while for most locations, there will be two or three, Mr. Vincent said. 文森特回应,对于主要的都市区,谷歌街景获取了20个甚至更好的时间片段可可供网页,而对于大多数地点,则获取了两到三个时间片段。

What weve done before now was give users the freshest imagery, because thats typically whats most useful to them, he said. From now on, every time we add imagery, it will be with a time-machine layer. 文森特说道,在此之前,公司给用户获取的都是近期的图像,因为一般来说来说这对他们是最简单的。他说道,从现在开始,每次我们加到图像,都会附上一个时光机器按钮。For now, Street Views time-machine feature is only available on desktops, but Mr. Vincent said he would like to see it eventually offered on mobile as well. The hope is that users will find the older Street View maps just as useful as the new photos. Google Inc.目前,谷歌街景的“时光机”功能只限于于台式机,但文森特说道,他期望最后这项功能也能在手机上用于。


该公司期望用户最后感觉这些街景历史图像和新的图像一样简单。This is something educators and scientists could use, Mr. Vincent said. We want this to be a resource for the world. Thats why we were intent on launching it world-wide all at once. 文森特补足道,教育工作者和科学家可以利用这项功能。他说道,公司期望这沦为全球的一项资源;这就是为什么公司无意将更新版在全球实时上线。



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